Air Purification

Growing Labs offers air purification equipment from Airganics and KES Science & Technology. This equipment is engineered to provide maximum air filtration and odor neutralization for your grow lab. The affordability and portability of these units make them ideal for cultivation facilities of any size.

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Efficiency The AirNugz 800 Filtered Air Purifier is a powerful portable filtration system engineered for critical air filtration and odor neutralization. By combining true DUAC filtration (Dual Activation) with the "Duac-Pure" three stage odor controlling iflter, the Airganics AirNugz is the most efficient filtration system in its class. Versatility Suitable...
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The AiroClean420 story began in space. NASA had a problem in controlling VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and mold contamination as they pioneered growing plants in space. These space-aged greenhouses where astronaut farmers were growing and harvesting crops encountered a challenge. Due to increasingly high levels of contaminated air within these...
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