Gas Washing Bottles

Gas washing bottles are a type of laboratory glassware designed to introduce a gas to either gas or liquid. The gas washing bottle has a wide variety of chemistry applications, such as infusing one gas into another to produce a desired reaction, or to wash a byproduct from a previous reaction. Oftentimes a fritted glass disc is present to separate particles before introduction.

The key concerns when choosing a gas washing bottle are (a) the size of the reaction vessel, (b) the frit porosity needed, and (c) the joint openings required to connect to the rest of the system.

Bottle, Gas Washing, Extra Large Fritted Disc
Gas washing bottle with an extra large diameter (60mm) fritted disc sealed into the bottom of the bottle to enable increased gas throughout and uniform gas distribution. Available with coarse fritted disc. The 24/40 standard taper top outer joint accepts an A292440 gas inlet adapter which is supplied with the...
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Bottle, Gas Washing, Fritted Disc
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Gas washing bottle with standard taper 45/50 cap style stopper and fritted disc angled at 15° for even distribution of gas throughout absorbing material. Available with a coarse or extra coarse fritted disc.
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