Grow Light Controllers

Grow light controllers are immensely helpful for complex or multi-light systems. Almost any controller can help you control temperature and multiple lights from the system control panel, and some advanced controllers offer features like built-in timers or inputs for other devices.

Growing Labs provides commercial cultivators with everything they need to grow successfully. SolisTek controllers are some of the finest in the industry.

SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller
The SolisTek Digital Lighting Controller is the next level of controls with industry's most precise temperature monitoring for your garden. Run up to 300 lights per controller in 2 independent zones. The SolisTek Controller is an incredibly simple tool to program & use. This controller has been extensively tested and...
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SolisTek Remote Control for Matrix Single Ended/Double Ended
The exclusive SolisTek remote control will allow you to wirelessly configure the wattage settings from over 70ft away and also set the integrated digital timer for your SolisTek Matrix Ballast(s). The Matrix remote control allows as many Matrix ballasts to be synced to the same schedule eliminating the need for...
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