Propagation Tools & Aids

Propagation tools & aids assist the professional cultivator in cloning & propagation tasks. Examples include labels and markers to help you identify and organize your seeds, and sterile scalpels to keep your plants healthy after cuttings.

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Designed to support clones or young live plants, the Clone Shipper™ Classic plant packaging holds the plant securely in place during transit. What makes the Clone Shipper™ Classic different from other plant shipping containers? A LED light keeps the plant thriving and growing throughout shipping whereas other containers ship the...
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Grower's Edge® Plant Stake Labels Multi-Colored
Use these colorful plant stake labels to mark the type of seeds that you plant. Each stake is 4 in x 5/8 in. Choose your favorite color. Each box has the stakes in bundles of 100 stakes. The multi-color pack contains 200 labels in red, orange, yellow, green and blue....
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Luster Leaf® Colored Plant Labels
Choose from blue, yellow or green durable plant stake labels. Easily label your newly planted seeds on these 5 in stakes. 30 labels per package.
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Choose from 4 in or 6 in durable plant stake labels. Easily label your newly planted seeds. 50 labels per package.
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Super Sprouter® Scalpel
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Use this individually wrapped sterilized scalpel for all your plant cuttings. A sterile scalpel will help prevent disease and damage to any cutting.
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