Cascade Complete Benchtop Filtration System

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CS-WINTER Complete Benchtop Filtration System Flask, Funnel, Support base, Clamp, Filter Paper, Tubing, Vacuum Pump, & Hose Clamps 1 Kit

Turnkey Benchtop Filtration System for Winterization, Separations, Distillation, and Chemical Purification

Cascade's Complete Benchtop Filtration System is built specifically for laboratory processes such as winterization, separations, distillation and chemical purification. This setup is designed to remove suspended fats, lipids or other undesirable compounds from pharma and nutraceutical solutions.

Use this filtration setup as part of the winterization process - prepping concentrated solutions for distillation. A good rule of thumb is to expect filtration to remove approximately 20% of the solution due to removal of waxes and fats.

Complete System Includes:

  • 4 Liter (4000ml) Receiving Flask. 40/35 neck size. 15"" high
  • 1 Liter (1000ml) Top Funnel with 250 to 750 ml measure level callouts
  • 90mm Glass Support Base. 40/35 Neck Size. 3"" dia built-in fritted glass filter. 1/4"" glass barbed vacuum connection
  • Aluminum clamp to secure fritted glass filter to receiving flask
  • Filter Paper Media, 90mm diameter
  • SLOW - Grade 5 Filter Paper Discs. 5 Micron, 94 s/100ml/sq inch flow rate. Box of 100
  • FAST - Grade 1 Filter Paper Discs. 150s/100ml/sq inch flow rate. Box of 100
  • Filtration Vacuum Pump - Welch Model 2564B-01
  • Vacuum Rated Tubing - 10' of 3/8″ID Braided PVC Hose
  • 2 Hose Clamps

Welch 2546B-01 Features

  • Includes Vacuum and Pressure Regulators and Gauges - simple to adjust and monitor vacuum level and delivery pressure.
  • Muffler quiets pump and filters discharge air
  • Float valve offers Protection from accidental liquid ingress
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 110V -120V / 1ph power required
  • Certified, Expert Welch Rebuild/Maintenance from Cascade

Glass Quality

Fits Right. Leak Tight. Cascade's laboratory grade glass is made in the USA. Unlike other inexpensive alternatives our laboratory grade glass is thick and will survive in today's demanding R&D and Production environments.

Superior Filtration with Fritted Glass

Cascade's filtratrion system comes with a built-in fritted glass filter. Fritted glass is a porous glass that allows gas or liquid to pass through. It is made by sintering glass particles together forming a solid, porous section of the filtration set up just before the receiving flask. This built-in fritted glass filter offers an additional fine level of even filtration before material enters the receiving flask. In fact, this system can be run without filter paper because the built-in fritted glass acts as the filter, saving you time and money.

Skip Uneven Ceramic Funnels

Inexpensive ceramic funnels can be uneven, exacerbating the uneven filtration rate. They may not form a tight neck seal and create a vacuum leak point. Often the material to be filtered seeps underneath filter paper into the receiving flask.

Flexible Filtration Media

If the built-in fritted glass filter isn't enough, Cascade includes two popular grades of filter paper as a part of this Complete Benchtop Filtration System.

  • Grade 1: 11 μm (medium flow filter paper) The most widely used filter paper for routine applications with medium retention and flow rate.
  • Grade 5: 2.5 μm, (slow filter paper) Slow flow rate. The maximum degree of fine particle filtration in the qualitative range. Capable of retaining the fine precipitates encountered in chemical analysis. Excellent clarifying filter for cloudy suspensions and for water and soil analysis.

Room To Grow. Includes Powerful Welch 2546B-01 Vacuum Pump.

As a part of this setup Cascade includes the industry standard vacuum pump for filtration - the Welch 2546B-01. This pump is a piston style pump with 45 LPM flow rate. It will quickly evacuate up to 3 sets of 5L vacuum flask setups with a Buchner funnel, flask and filter media.

The speed of filtering is driven by how deep a vacuum the pump can pull.

The Welch 2546B-01 filtration vacuum pump not only quickly evacuates, but it also pulls to 92% vacuum. That means even a bigger pump with 99.99% vacuum would deliver only 8% faster filtering speed.

The Welch 2546B-01 filtration vacuum pump has a built-in liquid ingestion prevention system; the ball in the cup floats up if any liquid overflow streams in, blocking the inlet. It also has vacuum gauges and vacuum control for adjustability of filtration rates.