Hexane 95%, N-, Graded for HPLC/Spectro Analysis
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LSS1510-4X4 Hexane 95%, N- HPLC / Spectro Analysis 4 Liter Bottle Amber Glass 4 Case
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LabSolv high purity solvents represent the pinnacle of performance and purity required for the critical testing of today''s analytical laboratories. Every bottle of LabSolv high purity solvent is prepared, handled, packaged, labeled, stored in and shipped from an ISO 9001:2008 facility operated by the largest OEM provider of high purity solvents in North America. With LabSolv, you'll receive the highest quality solvent, every time.

For use in Liquid Chromatography and Spectrophotometry. Packaged under Nitrogen. Submicron filtered. Also meets ACS specifications.

Key Information
CAS No 110-54-3
Chemical Formula CH3(CH2)4CH3
Formula Weight 86.18
Safety Data Sheet Hexane Safety Data Sheet
Shipping Information
DOT Description Hexanes
Hazard Class 3
UN No PG UN1208
Packaging Group PG II
Chemical Specifications
Melting Point: -95°C
Boiling Point: 69°C
Density at 25°C: 0.659 g/mL
Dielectric Constant at 25°C: 1.88
Refractive Index: 1.375 n20°/D
Viscosity (cps) at 20°C: 0.33
Merck Index 13th Edition: 13,4712
Flash Point: -23°C
Assay (by GC-FID) (as n-Hexane): Min 95%
Assay (by GC-FID) (as C6 Hydrocarbons): Min 99.5%
Color: Max 10 APHA
Residue after evaporation: Max 2 ppm
Sulfur compounds (as Sulfur): Max 0.005%
Thiophene: Passes Test
Water (by KF coulometry): Max 0.01%
Water soluble titrable acid: Max 0.0003 meq/g
Optical absorbance at 195 nm: Max 1.00 AU
Optical absorbance at 210 nm: Max 0.20 AU
Optical absorbance at 220 nm: Max 0.08 AU
Optical absorbance at 254 nm: Max 0.01 AU
Optical absorbance at 280 nm: Max 0.005 AU
Optical absorbance at 400 nm: Max 0.005 AU
Hazardous Ratings
Health 1
Flammability 3
Reactivity 0
Hazardous Symbols
Flammable Symbol

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