Metalized Self-Standing Zipper Bags

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0001 Metalized Self-Standing Zipper Bags 3.5 g of flower 100 Pack
0002 Metalized Self-Standing Zipper Bags 1 oz of flower 100 Pack
0003 Metalized Self-Standing Zipper Bags 0.5 lb of flower 100 Pack
0004 Metalized Self-Standing Zipper Bags 1 lb of flower 50 Pack
0005 Metalized Self-Standing Zipper Bags 2 lb of flower 50 Pack

Terpene Fresh's metalized self-standing zipper bags are manufactured for the ultimate protection of your product. The aluminimum exterior reflects ultra-violet light and defends against accidental spills and punctures. The hygroscopic interior absorbs moisture to better preserve your product, even if it requires long-term storage. The stand-up base allows for easy loading. The zipper is heavy duty and resistant against tearing or accidental opening.

Reusable and versatile, these bags are an ideal way to economically protect your product - whether it be flower or edibles.


Terpene Fresh's proprietary pouch design provides your flower with protection from
  • Punctures
  • Ultra violet light
  • Oxygen / oxidation
  • Moisture (pouches are highly hygroscopic)
  • Phthalate migration

Manufactured by Terpene Fresh

Terpene Fresh provides premium packaging solutions for perishable food and commodities. Their High Barrier Film meets the FDA requirements for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Store your products in confidence with Terpene Fresh. All products designed and tested in Oregon.