Portable Noncontact Thermometer

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variant B01377N Portable Noncontact Thermometer 1 Each

A handheld, noncontact thermometer that uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of animals up close or from a distance. Simply aim, pull the trigger, and read the temperature on a large, backlit LCD display. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the Ranger ST can safely and remotely measure animal temperature. Temperature range: -25° to 999° F (-32° to 400° C). Temperature display: select either °C or °F. Accuracy: +/-1% or +/-1° whichever is greater at 73° F (23° C) ambient operating temperature. Dimensions: 5-2/5" x 1-3/5" x 7-7/10". D:S ratio of 12:1. Response time: less than or equal to 0.5 seconds at 95% of reading. This thermometer reads only surface temperature, so it will tell the skin or hide temperature, but not the internal temperature. The farther away from the animal, the larger the area read.