Quest F9 Air Mover
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HGC700849 Quest F9 Air Mover 925 CFM 115V, 1.9A, UL Rated 1 Each
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This low-profile air mover circulates 925 cubic feet of air per minute and can still fit into tight spaces. The F9 radial air mover helps prevent stagnant, water-logged air that encourages gnats as well as plant-killing molds and fungus. Up to six F9s will daisy chain together on one 15-amp circuit. The F9 has no lights, ensuring total darkness during night cycles.


  • Airflow of 925 CFM
  • 1.9 AMPS
  • Onboard circuit breaker and branch protection GFCI
  • Connect up to six F9's on a single 15-AMP circuit
  • Easily Stackable
  • Heavy-wall polypropylene housing
  • Bi-directional cord wrap, snap locking
  • 20 fott power cord
  • Integrated handle - easy to carry
  • Dimensions: 17" W x 8.875" H x 20.5" L
  • Weight: 21 lbs


Product Data Sheets
Quest F9 Manual
Quest F9 Specification Sheet

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