The Wizard™ CompactDry™ Reader and Accessories, Hardy Diagnostics

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variant CDR1 The Wizard CompactDry Reader 1 Each
120101 The Wizard USB Thermal Printer HDx 1 Each
120102 The Wizard Bar Code Scanner for Plate Identification 1 Each
120103 The Wizard Wireless Keyboard for Data Entry 1 Each

Specifically designed to read the CompactDry™ plates

  • Automatically reads Compact Dry plates in less than a second - No PC required
  • Counts and differentiates colonies based on the CompactDry™ type
  • Indexes cassette directly under the imaging camera for rapid reading
  • Accurately reads up to 300 colonies per plate
  • Accepts individual plates or groups of two, three, or four plates so you can keep your dilution series together - no need to break plates!
  • Unit is suited for ambidextrous operation; plates can be scanned from the left or right side

Hardware Details

  • Ergonomic with titled color touch screen for seated or standing operations
  • Easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean
  • Autofocusing 5-megapixel scanning camera
  • Self-contained all-in-one unit, no external PC required
  • Small footprint conserves bench-top space