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You might expect a pan rack to be a pan rack. You'd be wrong. Pan racks are manufactured in numerous styles and sizes, and finding the right one for your lab can be tricky.

For guaranteed quality, we carry only Metro® brand racks. These high-quality pan racks are mobile, resilient, and suitable for a wide variety of applications for laboratories and extraction facilities.

Metro®'s offering includes end-load, side-load, and refrigerator pan racks. With capacities ranging from 11 to 40 pan racks, labs of every size can find the right rack for their space and application. If you want easy IKEA-style assembly, choose a knockdown rack.

Best of all, Growing Labs' $420+ free shipping offer extends to all carts and racks.

Dry your hydroponic crop using this durable, all-steel dry hanging rack from VRE. The DryMax™ 30 2.0 features a thermoplastic food-grade coating that is specifically designed to be easy to clean and easy to sanitize, to keep your product safe from fungus or contamination. VRE Food Grade Drying Trays (#HGC728759...
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For growers who prefer to dry their harvest vertically, there’s the VRE Hanging Dry Rack. Made from steel, this hydroponic grow rack is a sturdy and durable way to cure your crop. The 3 hanging bars are adjustable up and down, while the 21 hanging rods are adjustable side-to-side, giving...
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