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Growing Labs offers a great selection of lab-ready utensils, no matter your application. Choose from utensils as diverse as laboratory scoops, stainless steel spatulas, micro spoons, flask tongs, and more at Growing Labs.

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Accuris™ Tweezers for Calibration Weights
Special tweezers, with non-scratching plastic points are also available for proper handling; precision weights should not be touched with bare hands as oils and salts from the skin can stick to the surface of the weights.
From $21.25 From $25.00
Beaker Brush, Nylon Bristles
From $3.30 $3.00
Good quality nylon black bristles mounted on a wooden handle. Includes a radial top.
From $3.00 From $3.30
Beaker Tongs
From $6.04 $6.00
Beaker tongs feature strong zinc-plated steel construction with flat riveted joints and vinyl coated sleeves that open to 7".  Tongs can handle beakers from 50ml to 1500ml capacity.  Overall length is 9.75". 
From $6.00 From $6.04
Good quality nylon bristles, mounted in twisted heavy gauge galvanized wire. Includes a radial top.
From $4.00
Crucible Tongs
From $3.32 $3.00
Overall length 9", rivted joints, tips are serrated.
From $3.00 From $3.32
Flask Tongs, Stainless Steel, with Silicone Coated Grips
Stainless steel flask tongs are 12” long with riveted joints. Heavy duty construction safely accommodates flasks up to 5000ml. Silicone-coated jaws grip flasks firmly and open to 6”.
From $12.00 From $12.48
Excellent for handling chemicals, and hot objects. Available in stainless steel or nickel plated steel. Edges are blunt and fit squarely together.
From $2.00
Kartell Spatulas, Polyamide
From $106.12 $85.00
These Kartell polyamide spatulas are glass fiber reinforced and are available in double spatula or a spatula spoon combination style. Polyamide is a very strong material with good chemical resistance against solvents; caution with acids and oxidizing agents.
From $85.00 From $106.12
Kartell Volumetric Scoops, Flat Bottom, PP
Flat bottom volumetric plastic scoops are molded of autoclavable Polypropylene and shaped conveniently for sampling solids or liquids. Flat bottom scoops with beveled angles for easy cleaning. Marked in milliliters. Plastic scoops are suitable for foodstuff. Specifications Liquid capacity ml 10 25 50 100 250 500 1000 Length mm 32...
From $7.00 From $8.13
From $2.00
Stainless steel scoop with one pointed end for handling small amounts of chemicals. Length 6-1/2" (16.5cm). Also available with 5" long hardwood handle.
From $2.00
Laboratory Scoops with Handles
These laboratory scoops are made from high quality stainless steel and are available in two sizes: 5 oz. and 52 oz.
From $5.00 From $5.44
Laboratory Scoops, Polypropylene
These sturdy polypropylene scoops are available in a variety of sizes and as a complete set of seven scoops. Capacities are molded into the top of each scoop for easy reference. The PP material is autoclavable and will not rust or corrode.
From $10.00 From $10.52
Laboratory Tools Kit
From $16.04 $15.00
An assortment of the most commonly used lab tools available as one convenient set. Contains one each of the following: Test tube brush, spatula, crucible tongs, test tube clamp, lab scoop, and forceps.
From $15.00 From $16.04
Micro Pestles, PP
From $7.72 $7.00
Micro Pestles, PP for 1.5ml and 0.5ml tubes, PK/12
From $7.00 From $7.72
Stainless steel micro spatula, 8" (20cm) long, one end flat and one end pointed.
From $3.00
Micro Spoon, Stainless Steel
From $3.28 $3.00
Stainless steel micro spoon has an overall length of 23.5cm (9.25"), with one end spoon and one end flat.
From $3.00 From $3.28
Stainless steel micro spoon has an overall length of 16.5cm (6.5"), with one end round and one end plastic-coated for easy grip.
From $3.00
Where sterile techniques are required for collection of samples, these gas sterilized spoons and sporks are ideal for use with Whirl-Pak® bags. These easy-to-use spoons and sporks are made of sturdy, durable polystyrene. The procedure for contamination-free use is to open the bag, push one spoon or spork up, pull...
From $10.60
These 4.5" long plastic forceps feature serrated inside tips and ribbed finger supports.
From $1.00
These polypropylene tweezers are 4" long and feature serrated tips. Non-sterile, autoclavable. Sold as a pack of 12.
From $5.00
Polyethylene Dippers
From $39.70 $39.00
High-density polyethylene dippers for removing samples from large tanks. Lightweight and durable. Comfortable, secure hand grip. Has two pour spouts and graduations, PVC grip handle. Dippers are not autoclavable.
From $39.00 From $39.70
Scoops, Flat Bottom, HDPE
From $12.71 $11.00
Plastic scoops are light and durable, and have good chemical resistance. Made of HDPE, the measuring scoops are available in a variety of sizes to fit most applications. Suitable for both liquids and powders. Specifications Liquid capacity ml 15 25 65 110 150 350 750 1250 Bowl length inches 2-1/2...
From $11.00 From $12.71
Set of 6 Spatulas/Spoons
From $16.72 $16.00
Set of six of our most popular spoons and spatulas for the laboratory. Includes one each: SSSW04 (4" blade stainless steel spatula mounted on a hardwood handle), 81301 (6" polypropylene spatula, one end flat, one end spoon), SSFB06 (6" stainless steel spatula, one end bent, one end flat), SSSP06 (6"...
From $16.00 From $16.72
Spatula, Polypropylene
From $12.98 $12.00
Multi-purpose tool made from polypropylene can be used as a stirrer or spatula. Measures 9.5" long with a diameter of 1/4".
From $12.00 From $12.98
Spatula, Porcelain
From $14.78 $14.00
Glazed, with long spatula on one end and knob on the other end.
From $14.00 From $14.78
Spatula, Stainless Steel with Wooden Handle
Flexible stainless steel blade with rounded end, mounted in a polished wood handle.
From $6.00 From $6.62
Spatula, Stainless Steel, Both Ends Flat
Stainless steel spatulas, available in various styles and sizes.
From $16.00 From $17.20
Spatula, Stainless Steel, Flat at Both Ends
Stainless steel spatulas with both ends flat.
From $8.00 From $8.74
Spatula, Stainless Steel, with Flat and Bent Ends
Stainless steel spatulas, available in various styles and sizes.
From $15.00 From $15.62
Spatula, Stainless Steel, with Flat and Tapered Ends
Stainless steel spatulas, available in various styles and sizes.
From $17.00 From $18.74
From $10.02 $10.00
Glazed, with spatula on one end and spoon on the other end.
From $10.00 From $10.02
Spatulas, Flat & Spoon, Polypropylene
Molded in polypropylene, spatulas feature a spoon on one side. Available in 6" or 8" lengths.
From $8.00 From $8.10
Spatulas, Stainless Steel
From $4.02 $3.00
Made of 304 Stainless Steel. One end rounded, one end tapered.
From $3.00 From $4.02
Spatulas, Stainless Steel, Flat and Spoon Ends
Stainless steel spatulas with one flat end and one spoon end.
From $8.00 From $8.74
Stainless Steel Dippers
From $10.80 $10.00
Carefully made, 18-8 stainless steel sample collection dippers suitable for use with most liquids. Quality material and fine workmanship make these dippers long lasting and economical. Dippers B01047, B01317, and B01316 are made of one-piece construction with no joints or grooves to collect sample residue. Can withstand temperatures up to...
From $10.00 From $10.80
Each scoop has been carefully washed to EPA protocol B for environmental application, then dried, individually sealed in a poly bag, and sterilized by gamma radiation for food, pharmaceutical, and other applications.
From $308.50
Stirring rods are made of soft flint glass with both ends fire-polished and rounded.
From $3.00
Stirring Rods, Glass with Rubber Policeman
Rubber policeman attached to glass rod facilitates scraping and mixing. Stirring rods are made of soft flint glass with both ends fire polished and rounded. Policemen are made of natural rubber. Pre-assembled.
From $8.00 From $8.26
Stirring Rods, Plastic
From $8.26 $8.00
Stirring rods made of polypropylene, with both ends rounded.
From $8.00 From $8.26
Stirring Rods
From $86.74 $70.00
Stirring rods are available in two versions: Pure PTFE solid stirring rod with tapered end, and pure PTFE stirring rod with mild steel core. The stirring rod version with steel core can be bent into a permanent shape. Inert and will not scratch, use up to 280ºC. Stirring Rods with...
From $70.00 From $86.74
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