Thermal Mixers

Growing Labs offers thermal mixers and cyclers manufactured by Benchmark Scientific™. These units are designed for reliability and affordability, perfect for laboratories with high standards and low budgets. Choose between the TC9639 Thermal Cycler, the TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler, the Incu-Mixer™, or the MultiTherm™.

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Incu-Mixer™ MP Heated Plate Vortexers
From $1,635.00 $1,389.75
Large 18 x 18", up to 5 x 2L Exceptional temperature uniformity Horizontally circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixing Instantly change flask clamps with MAGic Clamp™ accessories Optional shelf for Petri dishes, microplates, etc. Incu-Shaker 10LR (Refrigerated) for temperatures down to RT -15°C Incu-Shaker™ 10L is a heavy-duty performer,...
From $1,389.75 From $1,635.00
MultiTherm™ Heating/Cooling Vortexer
From $1,999.00 $1,699.15
Temperature control from 0 to 100°C Exchangeable blocks, for tube sizes 0.2 to 50ml Precision contoured wells for uniform thermal transfer Two models: Heat/Cool or Heat only Sequence link function for linking or repeating programs (HC model only) Blocks sold separately The MultiTherm shaker is a temperature controlled vortexer, useful...
From $1,699.15 From $1,999.00
TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler
From $2,999.00 $2,549.15
"Mini" sized, 9 x 7 inch footprint Capacity for 32 x 0.2ml or 4 PCR Strips Intuitive touch screen control Program Wizard with familiar icon driven programming "Mini sized" doesn't have to mean a sacrifice on features and performance. Benchmark's TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler retains the advanced programming features, easy...
From $2,549.15 From $2,999.00
TC9639 Thermal Cycler
From $4,999.00 $4,249.15
Intuitive touch screen control Program Wizard - quick, easy & foolproof Unique multi-format block: 0.2ml tubes or strips (96), 0.5ml tubes (39), 96 well plate (1) Benchmark's TC9639 Thermal Cycler provides consistent, reliable results for laboratories with medium to high throughput. From its large, touch-screen user interface to its unique,...
From $4,249.15 From $4,999.00
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