We carry a lot of lab funnels. If your lab needs a funnel, we’ve got it.

  • Buchner funnels are a popular type of lab funnel used in filtration; we’ve got them with and without fritted discs.
  • Hirsch funnels are like Buchner funnels, except smaller and more endearing.
  • Generic or utility funnels are multipurpose funnels used as a common tool in thousands of labs. They’re available in numerous materials (HDPE, PP, etc.) so that you can find one compatible with your application.
  • Separatory funnels are a mainstay of solvent extraction. Varieties include material (glass or plastic) for both the stopcock and for the funnel itself.

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The anti-splash ring eliminates spilling of liquids caused by the swirling action created when a liquid is poured into a funnel. Supplied with an attached 100 mesh filter. Capacity oz 24 Top O.D. inches 5.75 Height inches 6.5 Stem Length inches 2.25 Spout O.D. inches 0.625
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Anti-splash ring eliminates spilling and splashing of liquids caused by the swirling action created when a liquid is poured into a funnel. Supplied with an attached 100 mesh filter. Capacity oz 144 Top O.D. inches 9 Height inches 10.5 Stem Length inches 3.5 Spout O.D. inches 1.125
From $27.00
Azlon Lightweight Funnel, HDPE / PP
Azlon Lightweight Plastic Funnels are economically priced funnels with ribs which prevent air lock and speed filtration. The two smallest sizes are HDPE, the remainder are polypropylene. Maximum temperature for HDPE is 110°C and 120°C for PP. Specifications 542365 -01 -02 -03 -04 -05 -06 -07 -08 Material HDPE HDPE...
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Buchner Filter Funnel, Fritted Disc
Buchner Filter Funnel, with sealed-in glass disc of the listed porosity. Not recommended for filtration where pressure would exceed 15psi.
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Buchner Filter Funnel, Perforated Plate
Buchner Filter Funnel, with sealed-in perforated glass disc to support filter media. Pressure may be used but should not exceed 15 psi. This design solves the contamination problem with a fritted disc and also the blindness problem with a ceramic Buchner funnel.
From $67.00 From $90.20
Buchner Funnels with Fritted Discs, Borosilicate Glass
Manufactured from thick walled borosilicate glass, funnels include a beaded rim and a fritted disc with coarse, medium or fine porosity.
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Buchner Funnels, Polypropylene
From $75.44 $59.00
These polypropylene two-piece funnels are light-weight, easy to clean and autoclavable. The top portion snaps into the lower one, forming a vacuum seal that does not require greasing. The base of the top portion has a perforated filter plate.
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Porcelain Buchner funnels include fixed perforated plates. Funnels are glazed on inner and outer surfaces except for the rims.
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EZwaste® Safety Funnels, Stainless Steel
EZwaste® Safety Funnels, Stainless Steel feature an overfill protection that will prevent spillage of liquid during filling. They come with an attached lid that will keep VOCs from evaporating into the air. Our Safety funnel also features a removable and easy to clean flame trap that will prevent the liquid...
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Heavy-duty polypropylene funnels include a molded-in handle. Designed to provide convenient filling of carboys, drums and barrels.
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Funnel, Separatory, Glass Stopper
Funnel, Separatory, Glass Stopper and PTFE Stopcock.
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Funnel, Separatory, PTFE Stopper
Funnel, Separatory, PTFE Stopper and Stopcock.
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Funnel, Separatory, Squibb, Glass Stopcock
Funnel, Separatory, Squibb, Glass Stopcock. Supplied complete with Glass Stopcock and Glass Stopper.
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Funnel, Separatory, Sure-Grip
From $113.85 $84.00
Globe shaped separatory funnel with a long stopper neck and straight section between the funnel body and stopcock. This provides a secure grip while shaking and also aids in clamping. Available with PTFE stopcocks. Supplied complete with one of the listed size PTFE or glass stoppers.
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These funnels are ideal for many applications in the laboratory and industry. Upper portion of funnel is straight sided, helps prevent spill-over. Maximum temperature HDPE is 110°C. Funnel set #212195 contains one of each of the following: 212105 212125 212115 212135 212145 Specifications Inside I.D. mm 100 120 140 180...
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Funnels, Long Stem, Borosilicate Glass
These borosilicate glass funnels include 60° cone angle, beaded tops, and long stems.
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A good quality polyethylene powder funnel for general lab use.
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Polypropylene funnels have short, wide stems convenient for use with powders. Autoclavable.
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Funnels, PTFE
From $28.20 $27.00
Very smooth internal non-stick finish PTFE funnel PTFE funnels are for use with liquids or granular solids Totally inert and non-contaminating
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Funnels, Short Stem, Plastic
From $18.96 $18.00
These powder funnels feature wide, short stems. The 35 ml and 300 ml sizes are made of high density polyethylene, and the 100 ml size is made of polypropylene.
From $18.00 From $18.96
These clear funnels have long stems, smooth walls and external ribs to prevent air lock. Molded in polypropylene. Autoclavable.
From $6.00
Available in three sizes, these funnels have eight internal ribs to facilitate filtration. They are made of polypropylene.
From $3.00
Includes fixed perforated plate. Funnels are glazed on inner and outer surfaces except for the rim.
From $7.00
Kartell Analytical Funnel, PP
From $229.89 $193.00
Plastic analytical funnels are made of autoclavable polypropylene and designed specifically for analytical chemistry. These funnels have long, narrow bore that works best for liquids. Each size takes a standard size filter paper. Body of funnel is exact 60° angle. Provided with external and internal ribs. Maximum temperature for polypropylene...
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Kartell Supports for Buchner Funnels
From $39.75 $39.00
Kartell Buchner funnel supports is a set of 7 adapters for Buchner funnels, manufactured of Neoprene rubber. 1 of each included in set: O.D. mm Taper Size I.D. mm Height mm 21 x 11 17 x 7 21 27 x 16 22 x 11 22 37 x 22 31 x...
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Kartell Buchner Funnel, PP
From $96.69 $81.00
Kartell plastic buchner funnel is molded of polypropylene, these funnels are unbreakable and resistant to corrosion and heat, and easily separated for cleaning. Pan be used without risk with Erlenmeyer flasks. Molded of polypropylene for corrosion resistance, withstands high temperature. No special flask is required for use with buchner funnel....
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New from Kartell, these plastic long stem funnels are available in 3 volumes and 3 lengths with 60° side angles. Long stem funnels are ribbed long stem funnels made from food grade polypropylene and take standard size filter papers. Ideal for hard to reach areas with or without narrow openings....
From $26.00
Large Funnel, HDPE / LDPE
From $77.72 $75.00
Plastic large funnels made of polyethylene. Big plastic funnels are designed for transferring liquids. 412365-0008 large funnel has external ribbing for air release; 412365-0011 large funnel has both internal and external ribbing. Maximum temperature for LDPE is 80°C and HDPE is 110°C. Specifications Part # 342345 342355 412365-0008 412365-0011 Capacity...
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Mini Funnel PP, 1 Ounce Capacity
From $59.62 $50.00
Plastic Mini-Funnel has numerous lab and industrial applications. Molded of autoclavable polypropylene. Mini-funnel is ideal for micro work, filling small containers & bottles, burettes, etc. Specifications Part # 412375 Top I.D. mm 37 Stem Length mm 23 Case Quantity 48
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Powder Funnels PP
From $38.06 $36.00
Plastic powder funnels feature a wide stem and are autoclavable. Powder funnels are translucent and allow for the passage of larger particles. Economical, fast and efficient powder funnels. Set contains 2 each sizes: 65, 100, 150 Specifications Part # 342555-0065 342555-0080 342555-0100 342555-0120 342555-0150 Top I.D. mm 65 80 100...
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Separatory Funnels, Borosilicate Glass
These pear-shaped borosilicate glass funnels include a PTFE stopcock and a plastic stopper. Feature a marking spot and large white block letters for easy identification of capacity, as per ASTM E-1096. PTFE stopcocks are compliant with ASTM standard E-675.
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Separatory Funnels, Polypropylene
These pear-shaped polypropylene separating funnels feature excellent clarity and strength, and include a leak-proof threaded screw cap. The polypropylene stopcock is fitted with a self-lubricating PTFE plug. Not graduated.
From $21.00 From $21.36
Plastic utility funnels are inexpensive, lightweight and designed for general use. They are made of polypropylene and high density polyethylene depending on the size. The 162mm size (412334-0005) has a very large throat opening. Set #212195-0001 contains one each of the following: 412334-0002 412334-0003 412334-0004 412334-0005 412334-0006 Specifications 412334 -0001...
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