Thin Layer Chromatography Supplies

Thin layer chromatography is a chromatographic method for the separation of non-volatile mixtures. Because this method is so specific, thin layer chromatography supplies and consumables are uniquely designed to accommodate the method.

Cylindrical tanks or chambers are among the supplies necessary for successful TLC. It’s where the magic happens. Within the TLC chamber, solvent is drawn upward through the sample, allowing the impacted sample to be extracted and analyzed.

Our TLC developing tanks are manufactured by Kemtech America, a dedicated glassware manufacturer with an emphasis on providing economical solutions. With heights of either 105 mm or 205 mm and with a diameter of 65 mm, these cylindrical TLD chambers are compact and provide high visibility, making them ideal for labs that want to practice small amounts of high-quality TLC.

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TLC Developing Tanks, Cylindrical
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Made of glass with lid. Compact size offers good plate visibility and minimal solvent use.
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