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Growing Labs provides a broad selection of cuvettes & cuvette accessories. Choose from generic cuvettes for Visible Range & UV-VIS spectrophotemetry, or from cuvettes designed to be compatible with proprietary spectrophotometers at a fraction of the price.

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Cobas Mira® Cuvettes
From $367.80 $289.00
Globe Scientific's 12-place Cuvette segments are designed for use on the Cobas Mira®, Mira S® and Mira Plus® analyzers. They are sold individually wrapped or in racks of 15 cuvette segments.
From $289.00 From $367.80
Cuvette Caps, LDPE
From $101.92 $86.00
Polyethylene cuvette cap dust covers fit most standard cuvettes. Flexible fins on cap allow for tight fit that will not damage the cuvette. Caps are 19mm in depth. Supplied in a case of 1000.
From $86.00 From $101.92
Cuvette for ATAC® 6000
From $738.30 $554.00
Globe Scientific's Cuvettes are individually wrapped and designed for use on the ATAC® 6000 analyzer.
From $554.00 From $738.30
Cuvette for Coag-A-Mate® XM Analyzer
Globe Scientific's polystyrene (PS) dual well cuvettes are designed for use on the Coag-A-Mate® XM analyzer. The cuvettes are packaged 100 per box, 10 boxes per case (1000 each).
From $156.00 From $198.50
Cuvette For Dade Dimension Analyzer
Globe Scientific supplies a complete line of cuvettes, sample cups and printer paper for use on the Dade Dimension® analyzers.
From $342.00 From $434.60
Cuvette for Hitachi® 717
From $653.50 $491.00
Globe Scientific's 20-place Cuvette segments are designed for use on the Hitachi® 717 and 914 analyzers. They are packaged 6 cuvettes per box, 12 boxes per case (72 cuvettes per case).
From $491.00 From $653.50
Cuvette for IL® ACL Models
From $339.60 $267.00
Globe Scientific's 20-place cuvette rotors are designed for use with the IL ACL® models: 100, 200, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000 & 7000. The cuvette rotors are packaged 25 per sleeve, 4 packs per case.Please note: Not for use on the ACL 9000 & 10000.
From $267.00 From $339.60
Cuvette for MLA® Electra 750
From $128.80 $101.00
Globe Scientific's polystyrene (PS) cuvettes are designed for use on the MLA Electra® 620, 650 and 750 analyzers. The cuvettes are packaged 550 per box.
From $101.00 From $128.80
Cuvettes and Mixing Bar for Accustasis®, Coadata® & BFT2®
Globe Scientific's polystyrene (PS) Cuvette and metal mixing bars are designed for use on the Accustasis® Coadata®, BFT2® analyzers.
From $116.00 From $147.00
Cuvettes for Ciba Corning® 550 Express
Globe Scientific's cuvettes are designed for use with the Bayer® 550 Express & Express Plus analyzers. The cuvettes are packaged in cartridges for easy loading into the analyzers. Each cartridge contains 13 (5-place) cuvette segments.
From $714.00 From $951.80
Cuvettes for Mindray® BS200 & BS300
We are pleased to introduce these top quality consumables for use with popular Mindray® BS200 & BS300 chemistry analyzers.These cuvette segments are produced from polystyrene (PS) and are offered individually wrapped in cases of 1000.
From $401.00 From $509.20
Cuvettes, Visible Range Macro
From $110.54 $93.00
These exceptionally fine quality polystyrene cuvettes are designed for assays throughout the 340nm to 750nm visible spectral range. These specially designed cuvettes handle up to 4.5ml total volume with minimum filling volume of 2.5ml and a maximum of 4.5ml. Molded arrow indicates the direction of transmission for optimal signal and...
From $93.00 From $110.54
Cuvettes, Semi-Micro, Visible Range & UV-VIS Range
Cuvettes, Visible Range Semi-Micro, 1.5ml These exceptionally fine quality polystyrene cuvettes are designed for assays throughout the 340nm to 750nm visible spectral range. A standard 1cm light path and recessed windows provide maximum light transmission. Scale down your assay volumes to save on costly reagents using these specially designed cuvettes...
From $95.00 From $113.23
Nessler Tubes, Class A, Individually Certified, Borosilicate Glass
Nessler tubes are used for comparison of color and turbidity between solutions or as reaction vessels. Made from borosilicate glass and calibrated to Class A standards. Include an optically plane bottom as well as markings for nominal stroke volume and halfway mark.
From $75.00 From $95.08
Racked Cuvettes for Horiba® ABX Pentra® 400
These top quality consumables are for use with popular Horiba® Pentra® 400 chemistry analyzers.These racked cuvette segments are the only available alternative to the OEM cuvettes.These cuvette segments are produced from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and are offered 15/Rack, 450/Case.
From $378.00 From $479.00
Reaction Tube for Sysmex® CA® Series Analyzers
Globe Scientific's polystyrene (PS) reaction tube is designed for use on the Sysmex® CA50, CA500, CA1000, CA1500 and CA5000 analyzers.
From $82.00 From $104.40
Reaction Vessel for Abbott® Architect Series Analyzers
Globe Scientific's reaction vessel is produced from polypropylene (PP) and is designed for use with the Abbott® Architect® Series Analyzers. The reaction vessels are packaged 2000/bag.
From $74.00 From $78.80
Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
From $62.10 $58.00
Globe's disposable standard and semi-micro cuvettes are designed for use in spectrophotometers. They are produced from either optical polystyrene or UV grade PMMA and include optical windows for optimum transmittance through spectrum range from 340 to 800nm for the optical polystyrene and from 280-800nm for the UV Grade PMMA. These...
From $58.00 From $62.10
Spectrophotometer Cuvettes Accessories
Globe Scientific offers a complete line of accessories for our popular line of disposable Spectrophotometer Cuvettes.The 12-place cuvette holder is made from polyethylene (PE) and holds 12 cuvettes in place for preparation work, storage and protection from tipping over. When in storage, the racks are stackable. Dimensions: 170mm x 50mm...
From $11.00 From $11.70
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