Laboratory homogenizers are essential for many labs to blend chemical or biological samples. Tissue, plant, food, as well as many other samples that need to be broken down prior to processing - can be emulsified with the use of a homogenizer.

Lab homogenizers are manufactured in several styles. Handheld homogenizers are used to emulsify a single microtube simple. Bead mill homogenizers involve placing small metal beads into the tube or vial along with the sample.

BagMixer® 100 "MiniMix", smallest blender in the world, is now available in Click & Clean® version! Thanks to its digital screen and window door, easily control speed and time of blending in your MiniMix® 100 CC® and obtain quickly a ready-to-analyze sample, with no risk of cross-contamination. Advantages Exclusive Click...
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BeadBlaster™ Microtube Homogenizer
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Fast, efficient homogenization in about 35 seconds For all sample types, from soft tissue to bone Mix up to 24 tubes simultaneously Sealed 2.0ml tubes - eliminates cross contamination The BeadBlaster™ 24 completely lyses, grinds and homogenizes a broad variety of biological samples. Even the most difficult and resistant samples...
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BeadBug™ 3 Position Bead Homogenizer
Extremely powerful mixing for lysis, grinding or homogenization Faster and more effective than tissue grinders Mix 1, 2 or 3 tubes simultaneously Extremely compact, less than 7" wide Eliminates the cross contamination associated with hand held homogenizers The BeadBug™ is a high energy benchtop homogenizer that sets the performance standard...
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BeadBug™ 6 Position Bead Homogenizer
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Fast, efficient bead homogenization Process up to 6 samples simultaneously For all sample types, from soft tissue to bone Accepts 2.0ml or 5.0ml tubes Full range of bead materials and sizes are available The BeadBug™ 6 joins the large capacity BeadBlaster™ 24 and personal sized BeadBug™ as the newest member...
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The Sonifier® SFX150 is part of the new lineup of Sonifiers from Branson, designed to bring the industry’s most advanced sample-processing capabilities to your laboratory. Geared toward low-volume samples ranging from 0.2 to 150 mL, the Sonifier SFX150 delivers up to 150 watts of power. And at 40 kHz, it’s...
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The SFX Series brings a new level of ease, precision, and repeatability with advanced energy and temperature control modes, process monitoring capabilities, and programming features. This versatile Sonifier® is perfect for all but the highest-volume applications, providing up to 250 watts of output power at 20 kHz. Like all Sonifiers...
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The SFX Series brings a new level of ease, precision, and repeatability with advanced energy and temperature control modes, process monitoring capabilities, and programming features. Our most powerful Sonifier®, the SFX550 easily handles high-volume applications with up to 550 watts of output power at 20 kHz. The SFX550 can process...
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D1000 Handheld Homogenizer
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Homogenize most samples in under 30 seconds For volumes from 100µl to 250ml Supplied with both 5mm & 7mm generator probes Benchmark's new handheld homogenizer, the D1000, is designed to rapidly homogenize, emulsify, suspend and disrupt biological samples. Ideal for use with microtubes, the homogenizer works well with samples from...
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Scilogex D160 Homogenizer Accessories
Scilogex D160 Homogenizer Accessories including various sized generator probes for a variety of applications and a stand for the unit.
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Scilogex D160 Homogenizers
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The Scilogex D160 Homogenizer can rapidly homogenize, disperse, and emulsify samples from 0.1-250ml solids or liquid media depending on the generating probe. During operation, the suspended material is drawn into the core of the homogenizer by a rotor turning at up to 30,000rpm. The material is repeatedly cycled through narrow...
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Scilogex D500 Homogenizer Accessories
Flexible configuration of different generators and rotors make the D500 highly adaptive to most applications. The generator shaft is constructed of quality 316L stainless steel. Reliable results are assured with extremely high precision and speed. Assembly and disassembly of rotors requires no special tools. Documentation Product Data Sheets Generator/Rotor Matching...
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Scilogex D500 Homogenizers
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The Scilogex D500 Homogenizer has a maximum speed of 29,000rpm and reduces processing time significantly. The smooth motor drive provides safe and comfortable operation. An overload protection feature increases the life span of the motor. Smooth acceleration also prevents unnecessary spills. A flexible configuration of different generators and rotors make...
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