Tube furnaces are used to heat a compound for the purpose of either purification or synthesis. The compounds (whether organic or inorganic) are placed within the tube, which is then heated by surrounding elements. This method allows the tube ands it contents to reach very high temperatures at a relatively low energy cost.

Across International's tube furnaces are some of the most reliable on the market. Available in a variety of sizes, zones, and with temperatures ranging up to 1800°C, Across tube furnaces are popular in laboratories around the world for their versatility.

Growing Labs provides Across furnaces at great pricing and with awesome service, pre- and post-purchase.

Across International GCF Furnaces
Across International's GCF series of controlled atmosphere furnaces are designed for enduring efficiency. The double-walled steel internal housing minimizes heat loss. All furnaces are CE compliant. The chamber The GCF1110B.11.9.9 features a polished, stainless steel interior with Kanthal heating elements. The GCF1100, GCF1200, and GCF1700 feature Mitsubishi high-quality alumina fiber...
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Across International CF Muffle Furnaces
From $2,990.00 $2,932.00
Across International's CF series of muffle furnaces are built for efficiency and economy. Featuring Mitsubishi high quality alumina fiber insulation, the CF series is manufactured for quality. A double walled steel internal housing minimizes heat loss to exterior surface. Furnace operation is controlled by a Shimaden 40-segment digital controller. Its...
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Across International Tube Furnace
The Across International TF1400 Series TF1400 series tube furnaces feature a chamber with Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality alumina fiber insulation and SiC heating elements. A dual-wall steel internal housing helps minimize heat loss to exterior surface. Furnace operation is controlled by Shimaden (Japan) 40-segment digital controller with built-in RS485 digital...
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Across International 3-Zone Tube Furnace
Built with quality Ai TFM3 series 3-zone tube furnaces are manufactured for quality and durability. The furnace hearth is built with Mitsubishi (Japan) high quality fiber materials. A high-precision Shimade fp93 temperature controller maintains temperature with +/-1 °C accuracy and 40 programmable segments. The furnace housing keeps the furnace housing...
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