Refractometers & Spectrophotometers

We provide a variety of Spectrophotometers, Refractometers, and their corresponding accessories. These benchtop instruments are key tools for many laboratories.

The SystemSURE luminometer is a hygiene monitoring system ideal for those labs emphasizing environmental cleanliness. Cheaper but just as effective as competing luminometers, the SystemSURE luminometer is small, light, and operates with common AA batteries.

Included with the SystemSURE luminometer is the SUREtrend data analysis software. By connecting the luminometer to a PC with the included RS-232 cable, samples can be easily exported and quickly reviewed at a nearby station.

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SystemSURE Plus™ Luminometer allows quick determination of cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of surfaces and ensures product quality, and reduces costs Features and Benefits Rapid results of hygiene status Top Seller Designed with improved functionality, this system is easy to use, extremely sensitive and affordable Includes new SURE trend data...
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