Storage Organizers

Laboratory storage organizers are the unsung heroes of the lab. You’ve got lab stuff; a lot of lab stuff. To keep expensive supplies from being scattered to every corner of the laboratory, you can use organizers in the form of bins, dispensers, and trays to store your bottles, pipettes, wipes, Whirl-Pak bags, safety glasses, and more.

(We take no responsibility for your coworkers continuing to scatter supplies everywhere. It’s like they do it on purpose.)

BOD Bottle Carrier
From $29.64 $25.00
B.O.D. Bottle Carrier, 8 places, for 300 mL bottles.
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Bottle Carrier, HDPE
From $186.63 $178.00
These bottle carriers are manufactured in the United States of high density polyethylene and supplied with either 301605 HDPE Azlon® Laboratory Bottles or 608715 Lightweight HDPE Bottles. A safe and easy method of carrying bottles. All versions measure 14 1/2" x 8" x 6 1/4" deep. Single, six and eight...
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Burette Rack, Wall Mounted, PP
From $228.56 $218.00
Wall mounted polypropylene burette rack safely organizes up to 10 glass or plastic burettes depending on length. Mounting screws not included. (l x w x h): 22 x 20 x 3"
From $218.00 From $228.56
Carrier Tray, PP
From $172.38 $143.00
Steam autoclavable, polypropylene molded tray has a built in handle for easy carrying of reagents or laboratory ware using one hand.
From $143.00 From $172.38
Economy Bottle Carrier, HDPE
From $147.11 $135.00
Lightweight, sturdy bottle carrier provides economical means to transport up to six 1 Liter bottles (3 1/2" diameter or smaller). approximately 13" x 9 3/4" x 4 1/4" deep compartments. Handle is approximately 6" high.
From $135.00 From $147.11
Plastic Storage Trays are useful for lab and desk Items. Plastic organization trays are very sturdy. Use for carrying items such as stir bars, connectors etc. Useful for knick knacks - rulers, erasers, pencils etc, in desk drawers. Central compartment of five cavity tray can be used for pipettes. Part...
From $70.00
From $23.70 $22.00
Acrylic clear wipe holder adds extra weight for one-hand dispensing of tissue wipes. Wall or bench mount with either two strips of double sided tape or mounting screws (not included). Specifications Part # 176224 176234 Holds Kimwipe Box Size Small Large Length inches 5 15-3/8 Width inches 5-1/8 5-1/4 Height...
From $22.00 From $23.70
Organizing Section Tray
From $79.69 $64.00
These two sizes of plastic section will help you organize your supplies. Use plastic section trays separately or make an endless number of sections or combinations. Sections can be fitted in drawers, on shelves, or on benchtops. Each section interlocks to the adjoining one so that they are never disarranged....
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Tube Rack Holder
From $115.24 $90.00
Clear acrylic tube rack holder is suitable for use on a bench top or in a freezer to maximize use of space. Both rack holders have four shelves to hold eight trays including fraction collector trays. It can fit many different racks. Specifications Part # 172175-0000 172175-0001 Description Small Large...
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From $102.00
Multi-use blue plastic tote is useful for carrying lab items, bottles, samples, cleaning aids, tools, etc. Utility carrier has a molded-in center division and carrying handle. Product Dimensions: 17 5/8” x 12 5/8” x 9 1/4” high.
From $102.00
From $59.00
These racks are specially designed to hold all sizes of Whirl-Pak® bags. Made in the U.S.A. of 10- and 12-gauge steel fused together to create strong joints and straight lines. Racks are finished with an electrostatically applied powder coating. The result is a strong, durable finish which will stand up...
From $59.00
Workstation Storage/Dispenser Bins
Workstation storage bins are fabricated from white and clear acrylic, these storage/dispenser bins are available in four sizes and ideal for holding and dispensing many small items used in the laboratory. The hinged top cover assures easy filling and the up front hinged cover provides a generous opening for easy...
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