Inoculating Loops & Spreaders

An inoculating loop or spreader is a basic microbiological tool for interacting with cultures and samples. Loops, needles, and spreaders are invaluable for manipulating tissue cultures, including unsanitary samples like feces or urine.

There is no single, catch-all loop or spread suitable to every laboratory task. Different applications can require very different instruments, and individual technicians may prefer different brands or models. Common differentiations of loops and spreads include material (plastic or metal) and rigidity (flexible or stiff).

Growing Labs provides laboratories with a variety of loops, spreaders, and needles so that every lab can find the inoculation tool that best serves its unique application. Both inoculating loops and inoculating spreaders are available in sterilized peel packs.

Disposable Spreaders, Sterile
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This line of bacteriological spreaders has includes four different shapes and sizes. They are availabe in an L-shape, a similar T-shape version and two triangle shapes (large and small). All versions are supplied in sterile packaging, but are also autoclavable and have smooth, rounded edges to prevent unwanted cutting, scraping...
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Inoculating Loops & Needles
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These sterile disposable plastic loops and needles are designed for use in quantitative procedures such as sampling, urine counts and serial dilutions, as well as for bacterial inoculation. Because they are pre-sterilized and designed for single use, there is no risk of cross contamination and no need for flaming. They...
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Our inoculating loop features an 8" long solid brass handle with an insulated grip. The non-calibrated 26 gauge nickel-chromium wire loop is approximately 5mm in diameter. Also available as a set of 4, with color-coded handles for easy identification.
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Disposable economical plastic loops for use when flame sterilization is not needed. Overall length is 8.75". Sterilized and packed in a plastic bag.
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