Sterilization Indicators

”Sterilization indicators” is the cool name for all manner of chemical and biological indicators. You might hear it referred to as autoclave tape or sterility tape.

Our growing catalog features sterility tape like those of the popular Kartell brand. Available as autoclave tape or dry heat sterility tape, Kartell’s sterility tape is made in 50 meter rolls and is ISO-compliant. For both models, the stripes change to dark brown to indicate that the desired temperature has been reached.

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Kartell Autoclave Tape and Kartell Heat Sterilization Tape is used to enhance confidence that sterilization has occurred. #202065 Autoclave Tape is used with autoclave sterilization. Stripes turn dark brown after 20 minutes at 121°C. The Tape indicates that autoclave temperature has been attained. #202075 Dry Heat Sterilization Tape is for...
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