Grow Light Fixtures

Grow light fixtures are electrical devices that house and power electric lamps or bulbs. These fixtures form the backbone of any grow lighting apparatus.

Growing Labs provides a wide array of grow light fixtures for the commercial cultivator, including brands like SolisTek, Gavita, and Sun System. With superb pricing and awesome support, Growing Labs specializes in supplying cultivation labs with everything they need to succeed.

Gavita Pro E-Series 600e SE
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The Gavita Pro 600e SE is part of the new Gavita e-series fixtures that are suitable for remote control with the Gavita Master Controllers. Equipped with a 1190 umol s-1 600W 400V electronic high frequency lamp it produces more light than any other 600W fixture. The HR96 reflector is replaceable....
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SolisTek C1 Complete 315W Fixture, Ceramic Metal Halide, 120/208/240V
The SolisTek C1 is designed specifically for full spectrum and low heat. This high performance system exceeds any single CMH fixture on the market with PAR output and spread consistency. The C1 system was created to be an incredibly easy system to set up. With the ability to daisy chain...
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Sun Blaze® T5 HO Fluorescent Light Fixtures
Sun Blaze® fixtures feature an advanced reflector design that delivers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. White powder-coated steel housing. Wire cable hangers included with every fixture. Now features additional hanging holes for V-hangers that are included with every fixture. Hang horizontally or vertically. 12 foot power cord and on/off switch allows...
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The Sun Blaze® Strip Light is an excellent light source for growing plants. Offers an energy efficient high output ballast for long life. Light weight and easy to install with mounting hardware included. Fixture comes with one 6500°K (blue) T5 HO lamp and a plastic removable cover for the lamp....
From $32.00
The Sun Blaze® Supreme Strip Light has a reflector design that maximizes output and diffusion. It offers an energy efficient high output ballast and a durable aluminum housing. The fixture is lightweight and easy to install with the mounting hardware or hanging bracket kit included. Accommodates standard 2 ft and...
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Sun Blaze® T5 LED Fixtures
From $115.00 $111.00
This high-efficiency T5 LED fixture is equipped with 21 watt AgroLED® iSunlight® lamps. These lamps combined produce an amazing 2,400 lumens per lamp for 2 foot and 4,900 lumens per lamp for 4 foot with a 5,500°K lamp color that is idea for propagation and vegetative lighting cycles. Sun Blaze®...
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Sun System® DE Boss® Commercial Fixture
The Sun System® 1000W DE Boss® Commercial Fixtures combine the patented State-of-the-art DE Boss Optic™ with the Sun System® 1's reliability and Etelligent™ controllability. The DE Boss® Com is designed and assembled in the USA with premium components and superior construction. Thermally optimized non-air cooled aluminum ballast housing does not...
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Sun System® LEC® Brand 315 Watt Commercial Fixture
Sun System® LEC® brand 315 Commercial Fixture utilizes cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic® brand technology. State-of-the-art 95% reflective German aluminum interior offers unparalleled output, reflectivity and diffusion. Includes Philips highly efficient agriculturally engineered CDM-T 315 watt lamp that work in LEC® brand fixtures. This lamp creates amazing full color light...
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SunBlaster™ LED lights are designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all indoor horticultural applications without fail or compromise. These fixtures incorporate 6400° Kelvin LED lights rated at 50,000 hours. Self-Cooling Technology (SCT) allowed SunBlaster™ to push the lighting output to...
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This fixture incorporates our ever popular SunBlaster™ T5 HO fluorescent fixture and our NanoTech reflector and combines them into one fixture. These fixtures include electronic ballast, 6400°K lamp, power cord, jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips. SunBlaster™ T5 HO fixtures link together, regardless of length, to...
From $42.00
Super Sprouter® now offers the 18 inch T5 HO Fixture with the nano-tech reflector. This fixture includes an integrated electronic ballast, 6400°K lamp, power cord, jumper cord, hanging and flat surface mounting clips. You can daisy chain up to 8 lights per single power cord. The reflector uses nanotechnology to...
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