Pipette Racks

Pipette racks go by many names. Pipette stands, pippete holders, pipettery doodads, you get the gist.

Pipette racks/stands/holders/doodads are designed to store pipets for immediate use. They're typically made of plastic (often polypropylene) for durability & safety, and they're typically placed on a benchtop.

Beyond that, variety abounds. A variety of pipete rack base sizes means that you can choose the right size for your lab bench, and there are several styles, including stands that allow pipettes to drain onto a cleanable base.

Horizontal Pipette Stand
Polypropylene pipette stand can hold up to 12 pipettes in a horizontal position. Autoclavable. Stand is constructed with three polypropylene coated metal rods for extra weight and stability. Can be easily disassembled and reassembled.
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Pipette Stand, Rotary, 94-Place, PP
Molded in polypropylene, this non-corrosive pipette stand holds up to 94 pipettes and can be rotated for convenient selection of any pipette. Central vertical axis measures 19" in height. The lower rotating disc measures 9" in diameter and has four concentric troughs that align with the upper disc. This stand...
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Pipette Stand, Vertical, 28-Place, PP
Polypropylene, non-corrosive pipette stand can hold up to 28 pipettes. The heavy base is 9" in diameter and the polypropylene coated square rod is 15" high. The top disc has holes for supporting the pipettes while the lower disc has pilot holes where pipette tips rest and liquids can drain...
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