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The Best Welch Pumps for Gel Drying

What's needed in a gel drying pump?

Vacuum pumps are often employed for drying sequencing gels. Any pump up to the task requires 2 key specifications:

  • A vacuum of 28 in. Hg (65 mbar). This prevents gels from cracking during drying.
  • Chemically-resistant components. This keeps the pump from gradually corroding from the fumes released while drying.

These two considerations are paramount, so keep them in mind while you search for the perfect pump for your electrophoresis application.


Why Welch?

Welch is one of the top manufacturers of laboratory vacuum pumps. With over a century in the industry, Welch has designed pumps for every lab application.

For electrophoresis gel drying, Welch has several models that can get the job done. To simplify the search, we've narrowed down the choices to two key models, both of which are cost-effective solutions to the task.



The best Welch pumps for gel drying


Required flow rate Ideal Welch pump
<= 35 liters/minute DryFast 2014
<= 58 liters/minute MPC 302 E



For basic gel drying

The Welch DryFast 2014 is ideal for efficient, straightforward gel drying. With a flow rate of 35 liters-per-minute (at 60 Hz) and a vacuum of 28 in Hg (53 mbar), the 2014 meets all the requirements for electrophoresis duty.

As a single-stage, chemical duty diaphragm pump, the 2014 is low-maintenance and durable. Its PTFE head, wetted surfaces, and PTFE-coated valves make it highly resistant to chemical fumes.


For high flow rate gel drying

For electrophoresis at a high flow rate, the Welch MPC 302 E is an ideal choice. At 58 liters-per-minute (at 50 Hz) and with a stable vacuum of 40 mbar (28.7 in Hg), the MPC 302 E eclipses the DryFast 2014 for gel drying at a high rate while meeting its pressure specifications.

Much like the 2014, the MPC 302 E is engineered for rugged performance. Its PTFE head, PEEK valves, and PTFE-coated components make it effective for the chemical resistance required when drying electrophoresis gels.


Getting help

If you'd like free advice & support, feel free to reach out to us at hello@growinglabs.com or 1-833-476-9420. We've provided hundreds of labs with supplies and equipment, including laboratory vacuum pumps from brands like Welch, Agilent, Vacuubrand, and ULVAC. We'd be happy to help your lab, too.