Adapter, Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap, R200 and R205
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CG-1317-B-10 Adapter, Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap, R200 and R205 24/40 1 Each $263
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Vapor tube/bump trap adapter is designed to be used with the Buchi R-200/205 rotary evaporators. This adapter combines a vapor tube adapter and a bump trap. Tapered sidewalls permit continuous washing with condensed solvent, while preventing vapor cooling points along the path of the condenser.

The upper stem has 2 large holes flush with the lower end, allowing solvent vapor to flow freely, making this portion of the trap easy to clean. Adapters have a 50mm OD top flange with a tapered interior to fit the Buchi sealing ring. Lower portion of the adapter has the listed standard taper inner joint. Each adapter is supplied complete with the corresponding size Keck clip.

Note: items will replace the Buchi part numbers as listed. Items are to be used with the Keck clip, NOT the Buchi combi-clip.

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