Beta Mobile Storage Box with Removable Lid
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172125-0002 Beta Mobile Box with Removable Lid 1 Each
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Extra large capacity Beta radiation protection storage bins hold carboys, linens, bench liners, etc. Units come with four heavy duty casters for complete portability. Full shielding from Beta emitters keeps personnel safe during transports. Supplied complete with radiation warning labels and with one liner bag. 12 x 12 x 24". All Dynalon beta radiation protection products use Acrylic sheet certified by an independent organization to be 100% effective in shielding against beta radiation.

Should the acrylic surfaces of acrylic products need cleaning, don't use any solvents or abrasives (alcohol, acetone, etc...) use of these materials will cause cracking or crazing of the acrylic. For general cleaning wash the surface with a mild detergent and soft cloth, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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