Condensers, 'C' Assembly, Constant Feed, for Rotary Evaporators, Plastic Coated
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CG-1333-A-01 Condenser for Rotary Evaporator, 'C' Assembly, Constant Feed, Plastic Coated 19/38 1 Each
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Two piece cold trap style condenser for use with rotary evaporators. Condenser has an additional 19/38 outer joint sealed onto the condenser to allow continuous feed of volumes exceeding the capacity of the evaporating flask. The 19/38 joint is sealed at an angle which allows the condensate to fall into the receiving flask without running down the addition tube into the evaporating flask. This continuous feed feature eliminates the need for a separate filtration step to remove drying agents or other particulate matter from organic solutions prior to rotary evaporation.

The ferrule style connection eliminates o-ring connections, which are prone to degradation with long term exposure to organic solvents. Condenser is supplied complete with all fittings necessary to connect the continuous feed feature, along with our new style PTFE centering ring which makes a vacuum tight seal between the inner cold finger and the plastic coated outer sleeve. Also supplied with a UHMW lid with knob.

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