Folding Carboy Spill Stand
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Under counter access due to fold away spill trough

Folding Carboy Spill Stand is designed for bench-top use with a folding feature to allow access to drawers and other materials below. Manufactured of 3/8" High Density Polyethylene with corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware, this heavy duty spill tray will hold carboys up to 15" in diameter.

Main spill containment tray has a 2 gallon capacity and bottom spill trough will hold up to 1/2 gallon.

Carboy or other dispensing product sits upon a 16" x 12" sliding tray that moves forward for dispensing and then slides back to allow bottom spill trough to fold up and out of the way. Spill containment is possible no matter where the tray is positioned.


Dimensions Open Folded
Depth inches 21 16
Width inches 16 16
Height inches 13.5 10

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