Gas Scrubbers, Complete, 3L
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CG-1830-10 Complete Gas Scrubber, 3L 1 Each
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Laboratory scale gas scrubber for use in many air and exhaust cleanup tasks. The 3 liter is a compact design and will fit into any laboratory hood, or can be used in walk in hoods when assembled on our CG-1951-100 mobile or CG-1950-100 bench-top reactor stands.

Gas scrubbing takes place when the exhaust enters the inlet in the round bottom flask and travels upward through the absorption column. The scrubbing fluid is pumped from the round bottom flask upwards into the shower head adapter and then flows counter-current to the exhaust gas through the packed column thereby causing intensive contact between the two. Scrubber can be used by creating either a positive flow through the reaction vessel using a carrier such as nitrogen, or by connection of a vacuum source to the column adapter.

NOTE: The 3 Liter Scrubber can handle 15 liters per minute of gas flow when pump is set at maximum.

Complete scrubber consists of: lower reservoir, absorption column with glass-filled TFE packing support disc, glass raschig rings column packing material, exhaust gas outlet column, top shower head adapter, PTFE diaphragm liquid transfer pump, 3ea quick release column clamps, 3ea envelope style gaskets, fluid cooling condenser, gas inlet adapter, PTFE tubing and 5ea PFA compression fittings.


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