MultiDensity™ 1000 Filter Disks, 1.0μm

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MDD-1000-2500 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 2.5 cm 1.0 µm 20 Pack
MDD-1000-3500 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 3.5 cm 1.0 µm 20 Pack
MDD-1000-4700 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 4.7 cm 1.0 µm 20 Pack
MDD-1000-5500 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 5.5 cm 1.0 µm 20 Pack
MDD-1000-7000 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 7.0 cm 1.0 µm 20 Pack
MDD-1000-9000 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 9.0 cm 1.0 µm 20 Pack
MDD-1000-1100 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 11.0 cm 1.0 µm 10 Pack
MDD-1000-1250 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 12.5 cm 1.0 µm 10 Pack
MDD-1000-1420 Multi-Density 1000 Filter Disks 14.2 cm 1.0 µm 10 Pack

The MultiDensity™ product platform now includes this easy to use, thinner (0.8mm) binderless glass microfiber filter which retains solids in a broad size range. Larger solids become entrapped on the built in pre-filter layer allowing the multiple density zones of filter to entrap finer solids rapidly and reliably. This yields a faster flow rate with higher fluidic capacity. The borosilicate glass is highly resistive to aggressive solvents, acids (excluding hydrofluoric acid) and base with a usable range of 0-14pH and a wide effective temperature range of -200 to 500°C.

Up to 4x capacity of traditional glass microfiber filters in same porosity range

  • Handles larger sample volumes or samples with higher ratio of solids.
  • Less frequent filter changes = fewer variables in sample prep.

100% binderless glass microfiber, formed to create a built-in pre-filter

  • Lower extractables for better quality analysis.
  • Wide ranging chemical compatibility borosilicate glass.

Finely controlled porosity for consistent and reproducible results

  • Extends the life of a membrane when used in series.
  • Disk to disk results are consistent.

Laser cut for decreased fiber shedding and increased handling stability

  • Fibers on cutline are fused together to form an easy to handle disk.
  • Fewer extraneous fibers to wash out into filtrate.