Organic Chemistry Glassware Kit, 9 pieces
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ORGKIT-09 Standard Organic Chemistry Glassware Kit, 9 pieces 1 Kit
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Organic Chemistry Glassware sets are available in a standard set of 9 and a deluxe set of 16 pieces. The Standard set is designed to cover essential requirements for organic chemistry and is suitable for preparations up to 30g. All glassware is jointed. The Deluxe Set is suiteable for preparations up to 150g. Both sets come in a sturdy, form fitting case. All Joints are 14/23. Includes the following: Pear Shaped Flask (50ml), Still Head, Liebig Condenser, Screw Cap Adapter, Receiver Adapter, Air Leak/Steam Inlet Tube, Dropping Funnel (50ml with Rotoflo Tap), Stopper, and Thermometer.

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