Vacuum Filter Holder Set with Fritted Glass Support
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FHFT47 Vacuum Filter Holder Set with Fritted Glass Support Base 47 mm 1 Set
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Designed for bacteriological analysis of water using 47mm sterile membrane filters. Also applicable for analysis of suspended solids in water using 47mm depth filters. Complete set includes a borosilicate glass funnel and base, anodized aluminum spring clamp, and perforated silicone stopper. Parts are also available separately.


  • Materials: Borosilicate glass funnel and base; coarse-frit glass filter support; anodized aluminum spring clamp; silicone stopper
  • Filter Diameter: 47mm
  • Filtration Area: 9.6cm2
  • Funnel Capacity: 300ml
  • Thick Depth Prefilter Diameter: 35mm
  • Membrane Prefilter Diameter: 47mm
  • Outlet Fitting: 6mm (1/4") O.D. tubulated cap sidearm to vacuum
  • Height: 22.9cm
  • Diameter: 7.6cm
  • Sterilization Method: 30 UV sterilize or autoclave without filter in place

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