Volumetric Glassware Starter Kit
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GLSKIT4 Volumetric Glassware Starter Kit, 19 Pieces 1 Kit
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A customized volumetric glassware assortment designed for general laboratory use. Starter kit includes the following: Contents: Burettes, 50mL Straight Bore, PTFE Stopcock (1 ea) Cylinders, Double Scale, 50mL (1 ea) Cylinders, Double Scale, 100mL (1 ea) Flask, Filtering, 500mL (1 ea) Flask, Volumetric with Snap Cap, 50mL (1 ea) Flask, Volumetric with Snap Cap, 100mL (1 ea) Separatory Funnel, Conical, 500mL (1 ea) Pipettes, Measuring (Mohr Type), Class B, 10ml Capacity (6 pk) Pipettes, Transfer, Volumetric, 25mL (6 pk)

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