Pipette Accessories

Pipettes & pipettors have little accessory friends that help them do their job. You can buy them below.

Pipette/pipettor accessory friends include modular micropipette stands and reagent reservoirs.

Reagent reservoirs are truly variable. Both durable (polypropylene) and disposable reagent reservoirs are available, in sterile and nonsterile varieties. Reservoirs range in size from 10 to 100 mL, and some are subdivided. You can buy them in multiple package styles (depending on their sterility): individually wrapped, 5 per bag, or bulk packed.

Disposable Reagent Reservoirs
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Our multi-channel solution reservoirs are designed for use with all multichannel pipettes. Standard 4 channel, 8 channel, 12 channel and various special purpose pipettes are all compatible with these disposable, polystyrene reservoirs. To facilitate easy, dripless pour-off of unused reagents and solutions, all versions have indented "spouts" in each corner....
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Micropipette Stand, Modular, PP
From $19.18 $18.00
Ideal for holding a micropipette conveniently at a workstation, this polypropylene stand is designed for easy access. The modular shape enables multiple stands to be jointed together, so micropipettes of various capacities can be stored as a group.
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Reagent Reservoirs, PP
From $28.50 $26.00
For use with micropipettes. Total capacity of 75 mL. Includes graduation marks at 10, 30 and 60 mL levels. Autoclavable.
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Reversible Reagent Reservoir, PP
This versatile polypropylene reservoir is useful for single and multichannel micropipettes. Positioned one way. It provides a 50 mL reservoir for use with a single channel micropipette. Flipped over, it provides a numbered reservoir with eight separate 5 mL reagent channels, and a numbered reservoir with twelve separate 5 mL...
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