Bubbler, Pressure Release, Lafler, Airfree, Schlenk
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AF-0512-01 Pressure Release Bubbler, Lafler, Airfree, Schlenk 300 x 150 mm 1 Each
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Unique design of bubbler allows for fine control of purge gas within an inert gas system such as a manifold. Purge gas enters bubbler through hose connection (A) and exits thru connection (B) which is connected to manifold. The large capacity of the main chamber (C) allows for rapid purging with check valve protection of the inert gas source (D). The constriction of the large chamber prevents oil from being drawn back into the system.

The small chamber (E) is equipped with a pressure release valve which is adjustable from 2 to 49 PSI (4 PSI is recommended for most vacuum, inert systems). When charging the system to the correct pressure setting, the bubbler in the main chamber will cease to operate and permit any over-pressure to escape through the small chamber (E). Approx dimensions are 150mm W x 300mm H. Hose connections are 11mm OD at the largest ring.

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