Drain Valves, Zero Dead Space, Pilot Plant Reactors
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CG-1968-Q-20 Small Zero Dead Space Drain Valve Complete, Standard, 3/4" Beaded Pipe Side Arm 1 Each
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  • Auto-stop when opening the valve
  • Anodized aluminum control knob
  • Zero dead space
  • Perfluoro o-rings on tip and plunger

"Zero Dead Space" flush bottom valve is designed to prevent solids from collecting in the bottom of the vessel. The PTFE® drain valve plunger is supplied with an Perfluoro and a TFE encapsulated o-ring for the tip and two Perfluoro o-rings installed on the shaft. The drain valve is connected to the reactor by a unique 1-1/2" beaded pipe valve seat that is sealed to the reactor bottom. Our valve permits total drainage of the vessel contents. The sidearm has a 3/4" beaded pipe fitting.

Please note: couplings, hose connections, and adapters are sold separately.

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