Julabo MAGIO™ MS-449F Refrigerated/Heating Circulators, -30 to 200°C
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9032716.N1.02 MAGIO MS-449F Refrigerated/Heating Circulator 21 to 30 L -30 to 200 °C R290 (natural refrigerant) 115V/60Hz 1 Each
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9032716.N1.33 MAGIO MS-449F Refrigerated/Heating Circulator 21 to 30 L -30 to 200 °C R290 (natural refrigerant) 200-230V/50-60Hz 1 Each
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MAGIO™ MS-449F refrigerated/heating circulator with an operating range of -30…+200°C with ±0.01 °C stability; cooling power 460W at 20 °C and 80W at -30 °C. Suitable for temperature applications with circulation to an external apparatus or immersing a device in the bath tank.

The MAGIO™ MS circulator incorporates easy operation via a large color TFT touchscreen. Unit fittings M16x1 male threaded adapters including a pair of 8 and 12 mm hose barbs. A multi-lingual interface, integrated programmer, Pt100 port for external temperature control, RS232/RS485, USB and Ethernet connections for external PC control and data-logging. Modbus TCP/IP incorporated. Stakei port for external accessory control (solenoid valve, etc.). Analog module accessory available (9900100). Infinitely variable centrifugal pressure/suction pump capacity of 16-31 L/min with pressure to 3.4-13.3 psi. 3-4L stainless steel bath tank with integrated drain port. Options for heating power (1kW or 2kW). R290 natural refrigerant.

Class III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1.

Included with each unit: 2 each barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 12 mm inner dia. (pump connections M16x1 male).

Key Benefits

  • TFT Color Touchscreen
  • Multilingual
  • Input for setpoints, warning/safety values and menu functions
  • ICC (Intelligent Cascade Control), self-optimizing temperature control
  • ATC3 3-Point-Calibration
  • Pt100 External sensor connection for measurement and control
  • Continuously variable pressure/suction pump
  • Early warning system for low liquid level (DBGM 203 06 059.8)
  • Adjustable high temperature cut-out, visible via display
  • RS232/RS485, USB and Ethernet interface for online communication
  • Integrated programmer
  • Built-in drain tap


Model MS-449F MS-449F
SKU 9032716.N1.02 9032716.N1.33
Working Temp Range -30 to 200°C -30 to 200°C
Heating Capacity 1kW 2kW
Cooling Capacity 0.08kW @ -30°C; 0.22kW @ -20°C; 0.29kW @ -10°C; 0.37kW @ 0°C; 0.46kW @ 20°C 0.08kW @ -30°C; 0.22kW @ -20°C; 0.29kW @ -10°C; 0.37kW @ 0°C; 0.46kW @ 20°C
Voltage Version 115V/60Hz 200-230V/50-60Hz
Power A 12A 13A
PCF Pressure 3.5 to 13.3 psi 3.5 to 13.3 psi
PCF Rate 16 to 31 L/min 16 to 31 L/min
Bath Fill Volume 21 to 30L 21 to 30L
External Devices Pt100|Remote Control Pt100|Remote Control
Fluid Type Water, Silicone, Water/Glycol Water, Silicone, Water/Glycol
Heating & Cooling Both Both
Dimensions W x L x H 14.6 x 23.2 x 27.2 in. 14.6 x 23.2 x 27.2 in.
Weight 93 lbs 93 lbs
Refrigerant R290 R290


Product Data Sheets
MAGIO MS-449F Data Sheet
MAGIO MS User Manual

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