Anemos Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump
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11111008 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump 12 m3/h 1 ph, 110V/60Hz 1 Each $4,738
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The Holland Green Science Anemos dry scroll vacuum pump is the latest design in oil-free vacuum pump technology. This pump provides oil and hydrocarbon free vacuum to prevent contamination of your product or vacuum system. At 12 m3/h pumping speed and 0.008 mbar ultimate vacuum, the Anemos is a great replacement for all rotary vane pumps and can be widely used in multiple applications including freeze drying and short path distillation.

Anemos offers benchmark cost of ownership thanks to its robust design and long service interval as well as the elimination of frequent, laborious oil changes, oil mist filters, and costly waste oil disposal. The Anemos oil-free dry scroll pump features a strong seal, low leakage, and deep vacuum. In other words, simple, solid construction ensures a high level of reliability with less hassle and maintenance than its oil-based counterparts.

Other benefits include low power consumption, durable with a high degree of reliability, and low noise generated during operation. With its lack of oil vapor and ability to easily handle water vapor etc., the Holland Green Science Anemos dry scroll pump is the clear choice for environmentally safe performance in any lab setting.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quiet operation for a better work environment
  • Oil and hydrocarbon free vacuum to prevent product contamination
  • High water vapour capacity
  • Perfect for laboratory applications such as freeze drying and cannabis distillation
  • Low cost of ownership thanks to robust design, class leading service interval and zero-waste-oil-disposal
  • CE Certified
Displacement 12 m3/h
Ultimate Vacuum 0.008 mbar
Motor Power 400 W
Motor Speed 1800 rpm
Inlet Flange NW 25
Exhaust Flange NW 25
Max Water Vapour Pumping Rate 100 gh-1
Leak Tightness < 1×10-6 mbar·l/s
Cooling System Air-cooled
Noise Level (dB(A)) 54
Operating Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Voltage Input 1 phase – 110V/60Hz
Dimensions D x W x H (mm) 430 x 255 x 290
Weight (kg) 28


Product Data Sheets
Anemos Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Manual

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