CompactDry™ Media Specific Plates, Hardy Diagnostics

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variant TPC100 CompactDry TC, Total Plate Count 44-48 hrs. 35 °C For total viable bacterial count. Growing colonies appear red. 100 Pack
variant EC100 CompactDry EC, Escherichia coli and Coliforms 20-24 hrs. 35 °C Contains two kinds of chromogenic substrates: Coliforms turn red. E coli turns blue. 100 Pack
variant LS100 CompactDry LS, Listeria spp 24-28 hrs. 35-37 °C For the selective growth, presumptive identification, and enumeration of Listeria spp. 100 Pack
variant SL100 CompactDry SL, Salmonella 20-24 hrs. 41-43 °C Colonies will turn blue/green. May have black centers depending on chromogenic substances. 100 Pack
variant YMR100 CompactDry YMR, Yeast Mold Rapid 48 hrs 25 °C Yeasts and mold can be diferentiated by color. Molds form colonies with a bluish color. 100 Pack
variant YM100 CompactDry YM, Yeast and Mold 3-5 days 25 °C Yeasts and mold can be diferentiated by color. Molds form colonies with a blueish color. 100 Pack

Simple and Effective System for Colony Counting!

Compact Dry™ is a ready-to-use system reducing the time needed to perform microbial testing on food, beverage, meat, cosmetics, and raw materials. Place 1ml of sample onto the plate and incubate. Colonies grow and develop specific colors from chromogenic substrates. This provides for easy organism differentiation and counting.

Four Easy Steps!

  1. Remove protective cap from Compact Dry™ plate.
  2. Drop 1ml of specimen (dilute if necessary) in the middle of dry sheet.
  3. Specimen diffuses automatically into the plate, transforming the dry medium to gel.
  4. Re-cap, and incubate for prescribed time. Count the number of colonies on a light box.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use
    • Pour sample on plate, place cap on, and incubate.
  • Stackable
    • For increased conservation of space, both in incubator and refrigerator. No special storage racks are needed.
  • Long Shelf Life
    • 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture.
  • Easy Labeling
    • Each plate has a write-on area for written identification.
  • Improved clarity
    • For better visibility of the growing culture and to read results.
  • Easy-to-handle
    • Rigid plastic frame with easy opening lid.
  • Self diffusing media
    • Sample diffuses automatically and evenly. No need for spreader!