Gram Stain Kit, Advanced™, with Stabilized Iodine
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GK400A Gram Stain Kit, Advanced™, with Stabilized Iodine - 4 x 8oz Bottles 1 Kit
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Used to stain microorganisms from cultures or specimens by the differential Gram method. Produces Gram stains with brighter more distinct colors.

Features & Benefits:

Create vivid Gram positives:
Gram positive organisms retain their deep blue stain; even those that are easily decolorized, such as Bacillus spp. You don’t need to worry about over decolorizing

Brighten Gram negatives:
Gram negative organisms will appear brighter with better definition at the edges. The stained cells are less likely to be over-washed. Anaerobes, especially Fusobacterium spp. will be a darker red than with conventional stains. You will also notice a marked improvement with other Gram negatives, such as Neisseria spp.

Differentiate mixed cultures:
When mixed on a slide, Gram positives and negatives will be easier to distinguish, due to an overall brighter stain.

Save time:
No mixing or breaking of ampules is required. All stains are ready-to-use and have a two year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Gram Stain Kit Advanced™ Kit includes:

  • Hucker's Crystal Violet
  • Iodine, stabilized
  • Decolorizer, Fast, 75% acetone, 25% alcohol
  • Counterstain, Advanced

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