DigiVac Vapor Pressure Controller, Real-Time Analytics
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VPC DigiVac Vapor Pressure Controller with Real-Time Analytics +/- 0.1 Torr +/- 2.66 mbar; +/- 2 Torr 1-1013 mbar; 1-775 Torr 110V 1 Each $1,875
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The Vapor Pressure Controller is DigiVacs newest product release. This instrument has the ability to help those working in the botanical market easily process plant material through automated distillations. It both measures and maintains the pressure within rotovaps, or any type of vacuum system, following the profile created on the Vapor Pressure Profile Manager - a free, downloadable software that comes with the purchase of a VPC.

All VPC's are now ETL certified.

Easy to use and operate, the VPC has just four ports/plug ins on the back of the unit.

  • USB communication
  • Power jack
  • hose barb for Vessel, Flask or Tank
  • hose barb for Vacuum pump

Unique Features

  • Fine Grained Vacuum Control
  • Simultaneous display of both current vacuum and set point
  • Direct one touch set point setting
  • Remote control via USB


  • Fine control of target vapor pressure for more precise compound separation through distillation
  • Keeps your pump oil away from your process
  • Enables using reliable and long lasting rotary vane oil pumps in applications where diaphragm pumps were previously required
  • Keeps vacuum pumps near their base pressure resulting in longevity, fewer oil changes and less oil mist

Design Features

  • Simple to use Interface
  • Flow path designed to be tolerant of harsh chemicals
  • Use of larger orifice parts results in much faster pump-downs


  • Start, stop, and log vacuum control runs
  • Create recipes of ramp, hold and set points to avoid bumping
  • Save and re-run recipes to get repeatable runs time after time

The front of the gauge is similar in terms of being straightforward. It has displays of both your current vacuum and chosen setpoint, as well as a numerical up/down control, regulation button, and power switch. Just hook your vacuum pump to one side, the rotovap to the other side and plug it in. If you'd like specific ramp rates and time duration, then install the free software, hook up the USB to connect the unit to the computer hosting the software and you can set up your process profile. The vacuum system is what you are going to regulate, an example being your rotovap, vessel, flask or vacuum oven. Once the unit is set up and regulating, the process can also be observed within the software, thus telling you how your system and pump are performing.


Vacuum Reference Absolute
Sensor SEN-775i-NPT-OEM
Resolution +/- 0.1 Torr
Units Torr, mbar
Accuracy +/- 2.66 mbar; +/- 2 Torr
Range 1 – 1013 mbar; 1-775 Torr
Control band +/- 2.66 mbar; +/- 2 Torr
Mount Desktop or laboratory pole mount
Display 0.56 inch White LED for Pressure, 0.36 inch Blue LED for set point
Product Dimensions 3.375" h x 4.5" w x 6.25" d
Power 110 Volt standard wall receptacle
Compliance CE and RoHS compliant
Wetted Materials 316 SS, chemically resistant rubber, PTFE
Effective Orifice 0.150 in
Connectivity USB
Vacuum Interface 3/8" I.D. hose barbs, 1/4" NPT F


Product Data Sheets
VPC Product Data Sheet
VPC Quick Start Guide
VPC Operating Manual

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