Welch VCpro VCB601 Vacuum Controller
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600100-US VCB 601 CV Vacuum Controller 1 Each $3,460
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With our Welch vacuum control box VCB601 you will be able to precisely and easily regulate the pressure for your laboratory or industrial application from 1100 down to 1 mbar. The controller is equipped with a wide range power supply and so can be used worldwide without the need for an adapter.

Features and Benefits

  • Hi-res display with dark and light mode to adapt to the environment
  • Intuitive ICON-navigation with comprehensible feedback
  • Precise control through intelligent and fully programmable modes
  • Security levels for administrators and users
  • Connectivity through LAN and RS232
  • Multiple languages: EN, DE, ES, FR, RU, ZH
  • Log files on all pump activities for easy traceback


Product Data Sheets
Welch VCpro VCB601 Vacuum Controller Operation Manual

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