Welch Model 1526 Diagnostic Vacuum Gauge
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1526K-10 Battery Operated Millitorr Vacuum Gauge 1 Each $1,240
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Welch Model 1526, Diagnostic Vacuum Gauge, is a rugged, portable vacuum measurement instrument designed specifically for the demands of field use. It is a highly accurate full range digital millitorr gauge using field-proven thermocouple vacuum sensor technology. Model 1526 offers several viewing options including numeric, bar graph, line graph and pump down graph display as well as vacuum analytics for leak, outgassing and pump-down rates.


  • 70 hour battery life, connects easily for accurate readings
  • Strong magnet and kickstand for hands-free use
  • Can be field calibrated


  • 10% of reading, 0.1 micron resolution
  • Can display in 12 different measurement units (microns, millitorr, torr, mm of Hg, mbar, bar, kPa, Pa, PSIA, inches of Hg, mm and inches of water)
  • Factory calibrated to NIST traceable standard


  • Test vacuum pumps
  • Monitor evacuation
  • Leak test systems and components


  • Auto Off
  • On/Off soft switch
  • Battery level indication
  • Good/Bad sensor (tube) indication
  • Self-test mode
  • Field replaceable sensor
  • 3 different graphical displays of vacuum pressure (pump-down, line, or bar graph)
  • Vacuum analytics for leak, outgassing and pump-down
  • Soft protective boot and hard travel case included with each 1526K-10

Technical Specifications

Power 4-AA Alkaline Batteries or Micro-B USB
Vacuum Interface 1/8" Male NPT
Sensor Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube 1526A
Range 1 to 800,000 microns
Units Microns, millitorr, Torr, mm of Hg, mbar (Bar, kPa, Pa, PSIA, in Hg, in H2O)
Accuracy 1~99 millitorr (+/- 2 millitorr or 20%); 100~2000 millitorr (+/- 10%); 2 ~ 6 Torr (+/- 25%); 6~250 Torr (Continuous and monotonic); 250 ~ 800 Torr (+/- 25%)
Mount Portable Handheld
Wetted Parts Nickel, Copper, Constantan
Set Points Audible alarm (buzzer)

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